Ik Onkar - Sikh Truth
Ik Onkar


The Mool Mantar (root mantra) opens the Sikh Sri Guru Granth Sahib, describing
the nature of Existence (reality, consciousness, spirit, awareness, the Self).
Ik Onkaar
one creative existence (reality)
Sat Naam
truth is its name (being everything)
Kartaa purakh
creator and doer of everything
without fear (being everything)
without enmity (being everything)
Akaal moorat
timeless, formless, omnipresent
Ajoonee saibhan
unborn, Self-existent (eternal)
Gur parsaad
realized by Guru's (God's) grace (gift)
meditate (recite, reflect, remember)
Aad sach
true (existed) at creation
Jugaad sach
true (existed) before creation
Hai Bhee sach
true (exists) even now
Nanak hosee bhee sach
Nanak says it shall always be true (exist)

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